Our Story

Haley and Sophie met as freshmen at The University of Tampa. They sat next to each other in business class, and Sophie invited Haley to go hammocking. As the sun set, the temperature dropped, and Haley wished her hammock kept her warmer. The girls began searching online for a hammock that offered a better alternative, but they couldn’t find anything practical. The two started experimenting to create a new and improved transportable hammock that would solve the 3 main problems with hammocking: the ever-changing outside temperature, the lack of neck support, and nowhere to safely store your belongings.

Coast to Coast is introducing a new way of hammocking and a better way of life. Our mission is to help you reach a new level of relaxation and eliminate the stresses of everyday life. As college students, we found ourselves, as well as our peers, struggling with anxiety. Hammocking offered us an escape, and we want to share that experience with others. 5% of profits are donated to Mental Health America.